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This utility is a bespoke database / system maintenance, health-check and monitoring solution for SQL Server. It runs for versions from SQL Server 2000 until 2016.
Some features are only available for SQL Server 2005 and beyond.
Utility consists in plain T-SQL code. A database is needed in order to store objects used by this utility.
Task automation is performed using SQL Agent jobs, pre-scheduled.
Maintenance-plan, health-check and monitoring modules can be used as “agentless” management system.

Why dbaTDPMon?
  • implement database maintenance best practices (including system databases)
  • support for parallel database maintenance (multiple databases at once)
  • automate daily health checks / HTML reporting
  • can be used to administrate multiple instances from a central point
  • fully customization / various options / time limit / email alerting
  • check full documentation for all details

Custom Maintenance Plan
  • Backup
    • use checksum (+2k5) and verify the backup file
    • retention can be set to days or backup file count
    • automatically trigger a full database backup prior taking a transaction log / differential backup, if needed
  • Consistency Checks
    • can be run at database or table level
    • checks are "split" over an entire week (configurable)
  • Index Maintenance
    • reorganize/rebuild decision can be based on logical fragmentation or page density
    • use "drive table" to limit the number of analyzed indexes
    • 2 algorithms available: online/offline index rebuild or disable/rebuild (managing dependencies)
    • may force ghost records cleanup
  • Heap Tables Maintenance
    • rebuild decision based on extent fragmentation, page density and forwarded records
  • Statistics Maintenance
    • use "drive table" to limit the number of analyzed statistics
    • update decision is made based on statistics age and changes made
  • System Maintenance
    • scheduled errorlog cycle
    • purge history
  • Always On Availability Groups “aware”
Daily Health Checks & Monitoring
  • online/offline instances and databases health state
  • report failed SQL Agent jobs / disk space issues / replication issues / long or blocked transactions, etc.
  • report outdated backups and checkdb
  • analyze errorlogs and OS Event logs
  • collect data from multiple servers in parallel
  • and many more...

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